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This file will guide you to change the source code file.
For Windows-based Arduino IDE users, the directory name and the Main source file name must be the same.
You do not need to learn github to download .hex files or source code that I release.
However, if you want to see what I'm doing right now, you should use the github homepage.
You do not need to learn git to suggest source code. If you give me an e-mail, I will correct it at any time.
If you have not joined the BITX Group, join group. There will be discussions on various topics every day.
I am getting a lot of hints from the group.
Files modified in Version1.08 Beta
1.Delted Files.
2.Added Files
3.Modified Files
- ubitx_20.ino
- ubitx_ui.ino
- cat_libs.ino
- ubitx.h
- ubitx_eemap.h
- ubitx_lcd_1602.ino
- ubitx_lcd_1602Dual.ino
- ubitx_lcd_2004.ino
- ubitx_wspr.ino