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<title>Using Micorosoft Windows (tm) telnet</title>
<h1>Using Micorosoft Windows (tm) telnet</h1>
<h2>1. Escape Character back to Telnet</h2>
<p>To escape back into Telnet, hold down Ctrl and hit the ] key:</p>
<img src="tutorials/images/escape1.jpg" alt="Escape" />
<h2>2. unset crlf</h2>
<p>Type in "unset crlf" and hit Enter</p>
<img src="tutorials/images/unset1.jpg" alt="unset crlf" />
<h2>3. Return to SDF</h2>
<p>Hit Enter once more to return to SDF.</p>
<img src="tutorials/images/login1.jpg" alt="Login" />
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