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<h1>Helpful Commands</h1>
<p>The following commands are available to users.</p>
<li type="square"><b>/help </b> - Main help menu.</i></li type="square">
<li type="square"><b>/cast &lt;help&gt;</b> - List spell casting options. <i>Warp to magic_spells to obtain spells.</i></li type="square">
<li type="square"><b>/colors </b> - List all color codes available.</li type="square">
<li type="square"><b>/dynmap &lt;show|hide&gt;</b> - Show or hide yourself on the map.</li type="square">
<li type="square"><b>/ec balance </b> - Check your balance.</li type="square">
<li type="square"><b>/mvtp &lt;world|sdf1|sdf2|sdf3|sdf4|flat_lands&gt;</b> - Jump to different world.</li type="square">
<li type="square"><b>/rtp &lt;USER&gt;</b> - Teleport to another user. Requires the other player to accept.</li type="square">
<li type="square"><b>/warp help</b> - Warp to different locations.</li type="square">
<li type="square"><b>/who</b> - List who is currently playing.</li type="square">
<li type="square"><b>/tv &lt;day|night&gt;</b> - Vote for a time change.</li type="square">
<li type="square"><b>/wv &lt;sun|rain|thunder&gt;</b> - Vote for a weather change.</li type="square">
<li type="square"><b>/t &lt;player&gt; &lt;message&gt;</b> - Send private messages.</li type="square">
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