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<h4>SDF VoIP Advanced Features and Setup</h4>
<i>Please note that making unsolicited calls may be considered rude</i>
SDF's VoIP Telephony Service is linked into "<a target=new href=>C*NET</a>" or what is called the
"<b><i>Telephone Collectors Network</i></b>". This network is a collection of vintage telephones, electro-mechanical office switches, digital switches and PBXes (Private Branch eXchange) as well as newer VoIP equipment. The purpose of this network is to allow access from both C*NET linked exchanges and the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) (available in some areas) from around the world. No changes need to be made to your SIP setup for you to be able to access C*NET from SDF's VoIP server.
<h4>Dialing a C*NET number</h4>
<li>C*NET numbers are in the format of COUNTRY CODE + EXCHANGE + EXTENSION
<li>For external numbers, you'll need to dial the C*NET gateway extension of 1929 and wait for the prompt, then enter the COUNTRY CODE + EXCHANGE + C*NET number
<li><i>When dialing a number within SDF VoIP, the COUNTRY CODE + EXCHANGE or EXCHANGE number is not necessary</i>
<li>The format of an SDF C*NET number would be 1 333 1004 (SDF's Milliwatt Test Tone)
<li>To test from SDF, try dialing 1929, then 1 736 5000 (You could hear the song PEnnsylvania-6 5000)
<li>Please view the <a target=new href=>C*NET Member Directory Listings</a> for available numbers
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