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<head><title>Procmail on SDF</title></head>
<h2>Procmail on SDF...</h2>
First, see the <a
href="">FAQ Email 14</a>
<li>SDF receives mail for user from remote sender
<li>SDF's local mail delivery agent (MDA) consults $HOME/.forward
<li>if .forward calls procmail, then the MDA pipes the mail to procmail for filtering, with $HOME/.procmailrc
<li>Procmail runs on the mail machine for which $MAILDIR (/mail/maildir/...) is local (not across the NFS (network file system) wire.
<li>Best practice is for procmail filtering destinations to be local to where procmail is running, in $MAILDIR.
<li>Unfiltered mail is then returned by procmail to the MDA which deposits it in $MAIL, also local to the mail machine, and is the users INBOX
<li>User clients (i.e. mail, mutt, alpine, etc.) may read mail from $MAIL, and from $MAILDIR files, across the NFS wire to the $HOME machine
for reading.
<li>The local client may then store the mail locally in $HOME or back on the mail machine in $MAILDIR
For procmail utilization ideas, see the <a href="">&quot;Email, Advanced Topics&quot; tutorial</a>
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