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<h1>Connecting to MSN Instant Messaging Network from SDF</h1>
<p>You can connect to MSN network using one of the varoius clients avilable in SDF...</p>
<p><a href="http://www.centerim.org/index.php/Main_Page">centerim</a>, also
known as cim is a fork of CenterICQ.</p>
<li>Run <b>centerim</b> from the shell.</li>
<li>The first time you will be greted with the configuration screen
you can use your left arrow to <b>select Done</b> and press
<li>With down arrow key move until msn's protocol <b>Login</b>
option is selected and press Enter</li>
<li>Fill in your msn <b>username</b> (i.e.: user@hotmail.com) and press
<li>Select <b>Password</b> field and press Enter to fill in
your password.</li>
<li>With arrow keys select <b>Done</b> and press Enter</li>
CenterIM will try to connect to the MSN nework, you can select your contacts
using the arrow keys and press the Enter key to start a chat window.
<b>CTRL+x</b> sends the message.</p>
<p><ul><li>Press <b>ALT + a</b> and select <b>Accounts</b>.</li>
<li>Select <b>Add</b> to open the <b>New Account</b> dialog box.</li>
<li>Choose <b>MSN</b> from the Protocol select box.</li>
<li>Fill the <b>Username</b> and <b>Password</b> fields.
<li>Using the <b>TAB</b> move to <b>Accept</b> and press
<b>Enter</b> key.</li>
After this, Finch will try to connect to MSN network.</p>