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<h2>MetaArray Acceptable Use Policy</h2>
<i>This AUP is supplemental to the general SDF AUP</i>
The purpose of the MetaArray is to allow SDF MetaARPA members to store and serve large amounts of data on a reliable, high capacity remote network resource.
While the MetaArray has layers of redundancy and an eventual mirror, users are encouraged to maintain their own back ups outside of the array. If a user cancels their membership or does not renew within two (2) months of their membership expiration, all data associated with that user will be removed from the MetaArray. SDF strives for high availability and safe guards against catastrophic hardware failure, <i>but cannot guarantee the persistence or integrity of the data on the MetaArray</i>.
Ownership of the data stored on the MetaArray is considered to be the property of the respective user. Since this is a shared resource, users are encouraged to use archive encryption, SSL and other secure means of storing and accessing their data.
<h4>Acceptable Use</h4>
Users of the MetaArray are expected to abide by the general SDF AUP. While user data stored on the array is that of the respective user, certain types of data cannot be stored on the MetaArray.
This pertains to:
<li>Data which is copyrighted or proprietary in nature that of which the user holds no license to store, copy or distribute
<li>Data which is of an illegal nature
SDF cannot be held responsible for the storage and distribution of such data.
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