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<h4>SDF Green Computing Initiative</h4>
This initiative is a voluntary project involving SDF users who wish to<br>
explore alternative methods of home computing. It involves developing and<br>
employing hardware and software in combination with the SDF services to<br>
promote reduced power consumption and waste reduction by using surplus equipment.<p>
<li><a href=#steps>5 Steps</a> - To a Greener You
<li><a href=#laptop>Going 100% Laptop</a> - Charge up, Unplug, Deplete
<li><a href=#thinclient>Thin Client Computing</a> - WYSE or DIY
<li><a href=#thumb>Gumstix/Thumbnail Systems</a> - Solid State Computing
<li>More ..
<h4><a id=steps>5 Steps - To a Greener You</h4>
<li><i>STEP 1:</i> Paint your computer green
<li><i>STEP 2:</i> Take a digital photo, it lasts longer
<li><i>STEP 3:</i> Paint yourself green
<li><i>STEP 4:</i> Smirk at yourself in the mirror until it looks cool
<li><i>STEP 5:</i> Take a digital photo, upload to google (It lasts longer)
<h4><a id=laptop>Going 100% Laptop - Charge up, Unplug, Deplete</h4>
<h4><a id=thinclient>Thin Client Computing - WYSE or DIY</h4>
<h4><a id=thumb>Gumstix/Thumbnail Systems - Solid State Computing</h4>
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