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<b><i>The SDF Travelling AT&T 605 UNIX Terminal</i></b>
<h4>What is it?</h4>
This is a former terminal used on the AT&T 3B2/500 (retired 1998). It has been modified to work
as a stand alone computer using a Raspberry Pi Zero W. Just give it a WIFI/hotspot and coordinate
with SDF to use it at a vintage computer festival and help spread awareness of SDF's past as well
as what we're doing today.
<h4>How do I get it?</h4>
The terminal can be borrowed for up to 2 weeks. It is shipped in a double box with signage, an
ipod/headphones (for the NPR story) and an assortment of SDF stickers and CDs to give away. To
reserve the terminal for use at your event, contact 'membership' and provide full details. Please be
sure to give enough lead time, preferrably 2 weeks prior to your event.
<h4>I wanna use it! Where will the SDF Travelling AT&T 605 UNIX Terminal be next?</h4>
<li> <strike>Mar 23-24, 2019 - Seattle, WA - Vintage Computer Festival Pacific Northwest</strike> <i><b>COMPLETED</b></i>
<li> <strike>May 3-5, 2019 - Wall, NJ - Vintage Computer Festival East</strike> <i><b>COMPLETED</b></i>
<li> <strike>Jul 10, 2019 - Seattle, NJ - USENIX UNIX50th @ Living Computers</strike> <i><b>COMPLETED</b></i>
<li> <strike>Aug 3-4, 2019 - Mountainview, CA - Vintage Computer Festival West</strike> <i><b>COMPLETED</b></i>
<li> <strike>Sep 14-15, 2019 - Elmhurst, Il - Vintage Computer Festival Midwest</strike> <i><b>COMPLETED</b></i>
<li> <strike>Nov 6, 2019 - Manhattan, NY - Suspenders NYC - Install Fest</strike> <i><b>COMPLETED</b></i>
<li> <strike>Dec 4, 2019 - Brooklyn, NY - NYC*BUG Holiday Party at Boat Bar</strike> <i><b>COMPLETED</b></i>
<li> <strike>Mar 19-22, 2020 - Tokyo, Japan - AsiaBSDcon - Tokyo University</strike <i><b>CANCELLED</b></i>
<h4>Technical Information</h4>
<b>Configuration / New setup:</b><br>
Login as the user 'pi' with the randomly generated password and run 'sudo raspi-config'. This will
allow you to setup the network once you're on site. Enter your SSID and passphrase through this dialog<p>
While featuring raspian isn't really the point, you could use the terminal to feature local programs.
If you login as user 'menu' password 'menu' and you have a network, you'll be connected to the Living
Computer Museum's TTY service which will then allow you to connect to several vintage machines. Logging
in as 'sdf' will take you to the old AT&T 3B2/500 when it is running in Seattle, WA (can be arranged).<p>
It also features sdfer Seth Morabito's AT&T 3B2/400 emulator which is a bit of a surreal experience - just login
as '3b2' to spin up a virtual historical SDF.<p>
The terminal does not have a battery installed (due to leakage) so when you turn it on, it will default
to 1200 7E1 with function key labels on. You'll want to set it to 9600 8N1 with labels off.<p>
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<b><i>The SDF Travelling AT&T 605 UNIX Terminal Setup Screen<i></b>
<h4>Weight and Dimensions of the shipping box</h4>
<li>40 lbs
<li>20 x 20 x 24 in
<li>Terminal goes into the inner box. There is a piece of foam to craddle the back
<li>The keyboard can be wrapped up outside the box
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