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<h1 style="text-align: center;"><pre style="display: inline-block; text-align: left;">((( o )))
<p><dfn>ANONRADIO</dfn> (formerly SDF Radio) is a streaming "internet radio station".</strong></p>
<p>To see the program schedule, visit <a target="new" href=""></a></p>
<h2>To Listen to ANONRADIO</h2>
<p>The easiest way to start listening is to visit <a href=""></a> in your web browser, and launch the web player.</p>
<p>Alternatively, you can use your favorite media player to open the live stream at <mark><code></code></mark></p>
<p>Don't know how to do that? Fear not! Below are instructions for how to do that with some popular media players.</p>
<h3>On Windows</h3>
<h4>VLC media player <small>(<a target="new" href=""></a>)</small></h4>
<li>File -> Open Network
<li>enter: <kbd></kbd>
<p>To get around occasional drops in the stream which may occur when DJs/programs are changing, select Playback -> Repeat One.</p>
<h3>On MacOSX</h3>
<li>Click on the M3U play icon on <a target="new" href=""></a>, or
use <a href=></a></li>
<h3>On Linux or BSD</h3>
<h4>VLC media player <small>(<a target="new" href=""></a>)</small></h4>
<p>Using the GUI:</p>
<li>Go to Media &rarr; Open Network Stream</li>
<li>Enter the address <kbd></kbd> and press the <strong>Play</strong> button</li>
<p>Using the ncurses interface ("nvlc"):</p>
<li>Press <kbd>P</kbd> to show the playlist screen.</li>
<li>Press <kbd>A</kbd> to add an item to the playlist</li>
<li>Enter <kbd></kbd> in the "Open:" field and press <kbd>Enter</kbd></li>
<p>Or, if you start VLC from the command line, you can specify the stream to open:</p>
<pre><samp>$ vlc ""</samp></pre>
<h4>mplayer <small>(<a href=""></a>)</small></h4>
<p>At your shell, type:</p>
<pre><samp>$ mplayer</samp></pre>
<h4>mpv <small>(<a href=""></a>)</small></h4>
<p>This one's a little different &mdash; wait, no it's not. At your shell, type:</p>
<pre><samp>$ mpv ""</samp></pre>
<h4>ncmpcpp <small>(<a href=""></a>)</small></h4>
<li>In <code>ncmpcpp</code>, press <kbd>2</kbd> to access playlists</li>
<li>Press <kbd>a</kbd> to add a station.</li>
<li>Add <code></code> and press <kbd>enter</kbd>.</li>
<h4>SoX <small>(<a href=""></a>)</small></h4>
<p>At the shell:</p>
<pre><samp>$ play -t mp3 </samp></pre>
<p>note: the <code>play</code> command is part of the <code>SoX</code> program.</p>
<p>To make it more useful for ANONRADIO use, it's helpful to put it into a shell script like so:</p>
<pre><code>#!/bin/sh -e
# anonradio - streams SDF ANONradio via sox(1);
# retries automatically if stream dropped
if [ -x $(which sox) ]; then
trap 'printf "\n anonradio stream terminated... \n" && exit 0' 2
while [ 1 ]
do clear
printf "\nSDF ANONradio - - ^C to cancel\n"
sox -V0 -t mp3 -d
sleep 5
echo 'sox(1) not found or not executable - exiting...'
exit 1
exit 0</code></pre>
<p>The above script will automatically reconnect to the anonradio stream if it gets dropped due to
a DJ change or network abberation. Stream is terminated using the <kbd>CNTL+C</kbd> keys. See
the <code>sox(1)</code> manpage for the full list of options.</p>
<cite>$Id: anonradio.html,v 1.17 2019/01/15 05:34:50 jgw Exp $</cite>