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====== Calling the PSTN with SDF VoIP ======
You first need to be an ARPA member, which costs $36. It's a one time payment, and then you're an SDF member for life! Then it's just $15/qtr for unlimited calls anywhere in the world.
Follow the steps on the [[https://sdf.org/?tutorials/sdf_voip|VOIP tutorial page]] to get your SIP account set up with your app/phone of choice.
==== Calling North America ====
Calling North America is easy. You just need to prefix the 10-digit number with a 1. For example: 1 (208) 555-1234 It **does not** need a + in front. This will cause the call to fail. The same thing will happen if you do not have the 1 out front.
==== Calling internationally ====
I have called Europe a few times now. For those of us in North America, we are used to prefixing European numbers with +011 or 011. **You don't need to do this** when calling Europe. For example:
Calling Norway, country code 47: 47 585 66 972
So the country code followed by the 8 digit phone number... Pretty simple!
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