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====== Tiny Tiny RSS ======
===== Introduction =====
With Google announcing the end of Google Reader, SDF brought its own alternative to RSS reading: our own instance of [[http://tt-rss.org/|Tiny Tiny RSS]]. It's a RSS service much like Google Reader, with many options of customization, sharing, filtering, etc. The SDF's server is hosted [[https://wm.sdf.org/tt-rss/|here]].
===== Activation and Configuration =====
As with any other social service of SDF, it comes disabled by default, and can be turned on with the maint utility. It is available to MetaARPA members.\\ \\ After enabling the service, make sure to change the default password (Actions -> Preferences -> Personal data/Authentication). If you have your old feed subscriptions exported from Google Reader, you can upload them here (Actions -> Preferences -> Feeds -> Import and export) or subscribe to new ones (Actions -> Subscribe to feed).\\ \\ {{http://sdf.org/tutorials/images/ttrss_passwd.png?800x500|Example}}\\ Browsing and reading RSS feeds are similar to using Google Reader and other web-based RSS readers. There are many options to fine-tune how it behaves, see Actions -> Preferences for more.
===== External clients =====
This service provides an API enabling external clients to connect to it and interact. Be sure to enable the external API support before trying to use an external client.\\ \\ {{http://sdf.org/tutorials/images/ttrss_api.png?800x500|Example}}\\
==== Fever API Plugin ====
This plugin, if enabled, allows third party clients to connect to SDF's tt-rss via the fever API.\\ \\ To enable, navigate to Actions -> Preferences -> Plugins; check the box next to "fever", and click "Enable selected plugins".\\ Once enabled, you will find the "Fever Emulation" menu under the Preference's Preferences tab. You will need to set a password.\\ {{http://sdf.org/tutorials/images/ttrss_fever_api.png?800x500|Example}}\\
==== Newsbeuter ====
[[http://www.newsbeuter.org/|Newsbeuter]] is a feed reader for text terminals. Even though newsbeuter 2.6 has support for ttrss, newer versions of the latter broke the external API, so to connect to the SDF's server you will need to compile the code from git or wait until version 2.7 comes out.
\\ urls-source "ttrss"\\ \\ ttrss-url "https://wm.sdf.org/tt-rss/"\\ ttrss-mode multi\\ ttrss-login "username"\\ ttrss-password "password"\\
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