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===== Using the SDF Video Gallery =====
Important: //Please follow this tutorial carefully to successfully post videos.\\ Keep in mind that you must limit your posts to one (1) video each and you\\ must click **Publish** to initiate the post-upload processing required\\ for successful playback.//
* This feature is in alpha test and is open to ARPA and MetaARPA members
* Video formats supported: mov, avi, wmv, qt, flv, ogv/ogg .. try others too
* Uploads should be of highest quality when possible.
* The gallery uses ffmpeg and server side processing (vcodec h.264, acodec faac)
* The user / public front end is customized wordpres with plugins. === Initial setup ===
* Login to the maintenance server by typing 'maint' at the shell
* Select option 'o' to set or reset your SDF Video Gallery password under Social Networking === Logging into the Wordpress CMS ===//Referenced links in the images are circled in red//
* Open a browser to http://toobnix.org
* Click the '**login**' link on the lower right side of the screen {{http://sdf.org/tutorials/images/toobnix/toob0_1.jpg}}\\
* Type in your SDF login and password you set via the 'maint' command {{http://sdf.org/tutorials/images/toobnix/toob1_1.jpg}}\\
* You will be presented with the **dashboard**
* You can use the **QuickPress** frame or click **+ New** to add a video {{http://sdf.org/tutorials/images/toobnix/toob2_1.jpg}}\\
* Click on **Upload/insert** to add your video {{http://sdf.org/tutorials/images/toobnix/toob3_1.jpg}}\\
* Either drag your video file to the drop area or click on **Select Files**{{http://sdf.org/tutorials/images/toobnix/toob5_1.jpg}}\\
* You will see a status bar run while your video is uploaded {{http://sdf.org/tutorials/images/toobnix/toob4_1.jpg}}\\
* Once your video has uploaded, click on **Generate** to create thumbnails
* You do not need to fill out any of the other fields {{http://sdf.org/tutorials/images/toobnix/toob6_1.jpg}}\\
* Select which thumbnail you'd like to represent your video
* Click **Insert into Post** to proceed {{http://sdf.org/tutorials/images/toobnix/toob7_1.jpg}}\\
* Check your **title** and add your **tags**
* Do not edit the inserted code or add text (your video may not process)
* Do not set **Visibility** to private, your video will not be processed.
* Click the **Publish** button {{http://sdf.org/tutorials/images/toobnix/toob8_1.jpg}}\\
* Click on [[http://toobnix.org|toobnix.org]] to see your published video
* Depending the duration the video processing may take up to 45 minutes
* You will receive an email when your video is received and once its processed
* Once your first video has been processed, a short URL of http://toobnix.org/username will be created for you
* You can now add a description **below** your video by editing your post. {{http://sdf.org/tutorials/images/toobnix/toob9_1.jpg}}$Id: toobnix.html,v 1.10 2013/08/12 06:43:54 jgw Exp $