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NAME stat - get file status
SYNOPSIS stat name
DESCRIPTION stat gives several kinds of information about
one file:
access mode
number of links
size in words
All information is self-explanatory except the
mode. The
mode is a five-character string whose charac-
ters mean the
1 s: file is small (smaller than 4096
l: file is large
d: file is a directory
2 r: owner can read
-: owner cannot read
3 w: owner can write
-: owner cannot write
4 r: non-owner can read
-: non-owner cannot read
5 w: non-owner can write
-: non-owner cannot write
All numeric values are printed in octal
if he cannot be found in "/etc/uids" a number
is given.
SEE ALSO ls with the -l option gives the same informa-
tion as stat, except that it also shows the i-
node number for each file.
DIAGNOSTICS "name ?" for any error. "nofiles" if no file
name is given.
BUGS none