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====== How to use S3CMD to upload media files to the Internet Archive ======
Assume your band just had a show and you recorded the set and created MP3 tracks of all the songs you performed. Now you want to make those available for the whole world and for posterity. The Internet Archive is a great place to put them. Here's a way to do that from SDF in just four easy steps.
- [[http://www.archive.org/account/login.createaccount.php |Open an IA account]]
- [[http://www.archive.org/account/s3.php|Generate your keys]] for the S3 API
- Create ".s3cfg" in your home directory:
access_key = KEY
secret_key = KEY
host_base = s3.us.archive.org
host_bucket = %(bucket)s.s3.us.archive.org
- Use "s3cmd" to create a bucket and upload media files:
# make a bucket
sm3cmd mb s3://foo-$$
Bucket 's3://foo-29515/' created
# upload all MP3 files in the current directory
for F in *.mp3; do s3cmd put $F s3://foo-29515/$F; done
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