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===== Mounting SDF Folders on a NetBSD Local Machine via mount_psshfs(8) =====
==== What is mount_psshfs(8) ? ====
[[http://netbsd.org/|NetBSD]] has its own implementation of [[http://fuse.sourceforge.net/|FUSE]] called ReFUSE(3); mount_psshfs(8) creates sshfs mounts via PUFFS(4) (Pass-to-Userspace Framework File System). See the respective manpages and References section for details.
==== Creating basic psshfs mounts: ====
You'll likely need root permissions to run mount_psshfs(8); examples below assume the sudo(8) tool is installed.
**ex.1)** create a basic read-only mount of an SDF user's $HOME directory under /mnt:
sudo mount_psshfs -o ro sdf_user@freeshell.org /mnt
sdf_user@freeshell.org's password: ********
Use the mount(8) command to see what the mount looks like:
mount -t puffs\|psshfs
sdf_user@freeshell.org on /mnt type puffs|psshfs (read-only)
**ex.2)** mount sdf_user@freeshell.org/gopher read-write with compression and public key authentication:
sudo mount_psshfs -O Compression=yes -O IdentityFile=/home/local_user/.ssh/id_rsa sdf_user@freeshell.org:gopher /mnt
For help setting up public key authentication see the [[http://sdf.org/?tutorials/SSH-SDF#public_key|SSH-SDF]] tutorial.
**ex.3)** put the above in /etc/fstab; mount to local /puffsmnt:
sudo mkdir /puffsmnt
sudoedit /etc/fstab
# psshfs PUFFS mount of gopher dir on sdf_user@.sdf.org
sdf_user@sdf.org:/ftp/pub/users/sdf_user /puffsmnt psshfs rw,noauto,-O=BatchMode=yes,-O=IdentityFile=$HOME/.ssh/id_rsa,-t=-1
sudo mount /puffsmnt
==== Fixing the displayed file permissions with **mount_umap(8)** ====
With the above examples you'll probably notice that the UID:GID values for the psshfs mount are either numerical values or otherwise not what you might expect; this is because your local system doesn't have mappings for the remote UID:GID (what you're seeing) to the local system. If you like, you can create a local //sub-tree// of the puffs mount with re-mapped UID:GID values using mount_umap(8). The following example creates two mapfiles (must be root owned) and a new mount point under the local user's $HOME directory and mounts /puffsmnt from ex.4 above:
**ex.5)** mount /puffsmnt to ~local_user/puffy with local_user:users permissions:
First, we find who's who on local system (note: UID/GID are fields 3 & 4):
ls -dnl /puffsmnt
drwxr-xr-x 42 012345 550 512 Aug 31 2011 puffsmnt
grep local_user /etc/passwd
local_user:*:1000:100:Loco User ,Seattle,WA ,:/home/local_user:/bin/ksh
From above we see that we need to re-map local UID 1000 to 012345, and local GID 100 to 550. We just have one remapping each so the uid-mapfile and gid-mapfile files get made like so:
sudoedit /uid-mapfile
1000 012345
sudoedit /gid-mapfile
100 550
Now we make the ~local_user/puffy dir and mount the umap sub-tree of /puffsmnt on it:
mkdir ~local_user/puffy
sudo mount_umap -o nocoredump -g /gid-mapfile -u /uid-mapfile /puffsmnt ~local_user/puffy
Use mount(8) and ls(1) to see what the umap mount looks like:
mount -t umap
/puffsmnt on /home/local_user/puffy type umap (nocoredump)
ls -dl ~local_user/puffy
drwxr-xr-x 101 local_user users 512 Dec 6 2010 puffy
Alternately, you can add the umap mount to /etc/fstab:
sudoedit /etc/fstab
/puffsmnt /home/local_user/puffy umap rw,noauto,nocoredump,-g=/gid-mapfile,-u=/uid-mapfile
sudo mount ~local_user/puffy
==== Unmounting umap and psshfs mounts: ====
Unmount umap and psshfs mounts in the usual way with umount(8), but do it in //reverse// order:
sudo umount ~local_user/puffy
sudo umount /puffsmnt
==== References: ====
* [[http://www.netbsd.org/docs/puffs/|NetBSD PUFFS documentation]]
* [[http://man.netbsd.org/|NetBSD manpages]]
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