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====== [[index.html|SDF ARC]] ======
===== SDF.ORG's Amateur Radio Club =====
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==== EchoLink Net ====
SDFARC meets on ECHOLINK CONFERENCE *TECHLINK* (NODE 9229) EVERY MONDAY at 0000 UTC. When able, the net is also carried on DMR Brandmeister TG 31650 and Allstar Node 50110.
This is a directed social NET where a minimal checkin requires your **call sign**, **userid** and **location**. Points and a ranking are awarded at end of each NET and are published here on sdfarc.org.
* Stations with 10 consecutive weekly check ins are called in order of their ranking
* Stations using ECHOLINK are awarded 1 pt per check in
* Stations using ECHOLINK+RF are awarded 3 pts
* Stations that do not check in for 6 consecutive weeks get dropped from the call roster and lose accumulated points. \\ You can listen to the NETs in real time on [[http://anonradio.net|aNONradio.net]]. (//SDF's Streaming Audio Service//) Archives of these NETs are also available on [[http://anonradio.net|aNONradio.net]]==== Net Op Schedule ====
^ Date ^ Net Controller ^ *TECHLINK* Controller ^
| Monday, 11-May-2020, 00:00 UTC | Michael (VE7KI) | Matthew (NB0X) |
| Monday, 18-May-2020, 00:00 UTC | Michael (VE7KI) | Matthew (NB0X) |
| Monday, 25-May-2020, 00:00 UTC | Matthew (NB0X) | Wayne (AB9FJ) |
| Monday, 01-Jun-2020, 00:00 UTC | Matthew (NB0X) | Wayne (AB9FJ) |
| Monday, 08-Jun-2020, 00:00 UTC | Wayne (AB9FJ) | Michael (VE7KI) |
| Monday, 15-Jun-2020, 00:00 UTC | Wayne (AB9FJ) | Michael (VE7KI) |
| Monday, 22-Jun-2020, 00:00 UTC | Michael (VE7KI) | Matthew (NB0X) |
| Monday, 29-Jun-2020, 00:00 UTC | Michael (VE7KI) | Matthew (NB0X) |
| Monday, 06-Jul-2020, 00:00 UTC | Matthew (NB0X) | Wayne (AB9FJ) |
| Monday, 13-Jul-2020, 00:00 UTC | Matthew (NB0X) | Wayne (AB9FJ) |
| Monday, 20-Jul-2020, 00:00 UTC | Wayne (AB9FJ) | Michael (VE7KI) |
| Monday, 27-Jul-2020, 00:00 UTC | Wayne (AB9FJ) | Michael (VE7KI) |==== PREAMBLE ====
Hello and Welcome!
This is the SDF Amateur Radio Club weekly net. That's Sierra Delta
Foxtrot, the Super Dimension Fortress. If you are not familiar with
SDF, it's a Public Access Unix System. You can learn more by
directing your web browser to s-d-f dot o-r-g or s-d-f-a-r-c dot
o-r-g. I will pause now to allow for any emergency or priority
[pause ~10 seconds]
I am [CALL], the Net Control Operator today; my name is [NAME], and I
am in [QTH]. My SDF username is [USER].
This net meets every Monday at Zero hour Zulu via Echolink Node 9229,
the *TECHLINK* Conference. I would like to thank Michael, VE7KI, for
allowing us to use this conference.
This is a directed net. That means that if you have something to say,
give your call, and wait for the NC to acknowledge you and give you
the floor. Our net is open to all radio amateurs and is not
restricted to members of the SDF Amateur Radio Club.
We like to have a question of the week to kickstart our discussions.
This week's question is: [question]
I will take several rounds of checkins. I will then go down the list
and everyone will have a chance to greet and make a comment or ask a
If you would like to check in, please come with your callsign, name,
location, and your SDF username (if you have one).
[call for checkins]
OK, let's go back now and hear from everybody.
[call roll and take comments]
Do we have any new checkins or additional comments?
[repeat as necessary, until no more...]
This concludes this week's SDF Amateur Radio Club NET at NNNN hours
Zulu. If you would like to continue the conversation, please join our
afternet in the SDF DMR talkgroup (number 31650) or join us in com on
the SDF.
This is net control station [CALL], out.
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