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====== IRC Channel Auto-Connection with Irssi ======
This tutorial explains how to configure the [[http://irssi.org/|Irssi ("the client of the future")]] IRC client to automatically connect to one or more channels when run.
- Invoke Irssi from the shell: $ irssi
- After Irssi starts, enter the following commands:
/network add sdf
/server add -auto -network sdf irc.sdf.org
/channel add -auto #sdf sdf
(You may add other channels[[#fn1|<sup>1</sup>]]. Channel "#helpdesk" is added automatically.)
- Quit Irssi: /quit
- Invoke Irssi again: $ irssi (Irssi runs and automatically connects to the channels you defined in 2.)
- Select the channel you want to see first when Irssi starts by cycling through the channel windows ("Ctrl-n", "Ctrl-p").
- Save the Irssi channel window configuration: /layout save
If you experience trouble, it may help to reset your Irssi configuration by deleting or renaming the file "~/.irssi/config".
===== Notes =====
- See [[http://sdf.org/?tutorials/irc-channels|IRC Channels on SDF]].
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