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====== SDF Dialup Membership ======
===== What is DIALUP Membership? =====
Best way to learn about the //DIALUP// SDF membership is to login to your SDF shell account and enter **dialup**:
you@sdf: dialup
SDF provides analogue and digital (ISDN) DIALUP service to members.
To get a list of numbers in your area, use 'getdialup'.
Some quick tips and things to note:
1) You can choose from 54,143 dialup numbers in the USA & Canada
2) Connections from 1200bps to 52000bps or 64kbps to 128kbps ISDN
3) Read the bboard: for discussions on the membership
4) Your dialup login is you@tenex.org
5) use 'setdialup' to maintain your DIALUP login and SMTP AUTH password
6) Pay your dues via paypal or mail (type 'address' for more details)
Dues are: $10/mo, $27/qtr, $48/semi and $84/year and
membership is open to all validated members, no setup fee, a
monthly average of 15 hours a day, no dialer, no adverts! Enjoy!
The SDF>DIALUP FAQ and [[http://dialup.tenex.org/|dialup.tenex.org]] have additional information. Before you sign-up though you may want to run **getdialup** first to see what numbers are in your local/extended [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Local_telephone_service| calling area]]. Usually this information is contained in your local telephone directory.
example: list all (503) access numbers in the Portland, OR area
you@sdf: getdialup 503 | grep Portland
(503) 258-7011 Portland OR pi PacWest
(503) 258-7023 Portland OR pi PacWest
(503) 548-0317 Portland OR pi PacWest
(503) 416-2098 Portland OR st Du_MegaPop
(503) 488-3200 Portland OR st Du_MegaPop
(503) 734-3200 Portland OR st Du_MegaPop
(503) 258-7014 Portland OR n3 Du_Sprint
(503) 914-0040 Portland OR pw Du_PacWest
(503) 974-0040 Portland OR pw Du_PacWest
(503) 914-0558 Portland OR pw Du_PacWest
(503) 972-0302 Portland OR pw Du_PacWest
(503) 467-6101 Portland OR pw Du_PacWest
(503) 548-0317 Portland OR pw Du_PacWest
(503) 412-1576 Portland OR yn YourNetPlus
Users in rural areas may find no local access numbers and would need to weigh the cost of long distance charges.
===== I've got SDF DIALUP membership - Now What? =====
Now you need to run **setdialup** and set the type of account and your DIALUP password. Most users will want to leave the //type// set to "NETWORK PPP", the default:
you@sdf: setdialup
[p] Set your DIALUP and SMTP Auth password
[n] Set your connection type to NETWORK PPP (default)
[s] Set your connection type to SHELL
[t] Set your connection to TIP
[r] REMOVE your DIALUP Membership
[q] QUIT
Enter "p" to set password:
Setting your password for DIALUP LOGIN: you@tenex.org
This will also serve as your SMTP AUTH for you.tenex.org
New password:********
Retype new password:********
Password set for you@tenex.org
Updates issued by mkhomepg, mkvhost, mkvpm and setdialup are executed
within 10 minutes.
Enter "q" to quit:
Choice? QUIT
You are you@tenex.org using a NETWORK type LOGIN
That's it - time to get your modem set up and configured...
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