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====== Using an SSH agent to avoid typing your password ======
==== Do not use this tutorial until you [[http://sdf.org/?tutorials/SSH-SDF#public_key|make a unix account accessible via public key authentication following this tutorial]]. ====
Not only is typing your passphrase once convenient, you can [[http://xkcd.com/936/|make your password very complicated and only ever type an easy to remember passphrase to access all your accounts]].
* Unix
* [[#shell|At the shell]]
* [[#anywm|Any Window Manager]]
* [[#gnome|Gnome]]
* [[#kde|KDE]]
* [[#macos|MacOS X]]
* [[#windows|Windows]]
===== At the shell =====
At any time, you can type\\ \\ " ssh-agent /bin/ksh\\ ssh-add $HOME/private_key.rsa\\ "\\ (you can replace "/bin/ksh" by your favorite shell). Any command issued from then on that uses "ssh" to interact with a server that hosts your public key (e.g. "ssh, sshfs, rsync") will not require a password e.g. \\ \\ " home_pc$ ssh-agent /bin/ksh\\ home_pc$ ssh-add $HOME/public_key.rsa\\ Enter passphrase for /home/user/public_key.rsa:\\ Identity added: /home/user/public_key.rsa (/home/user/public_key.rsa)\\ home_pc$ ssh miku.freeshell.org\\ miku$ "\\ \\
===== Any Window Manager =====
Arrange to have\\ \\ " ssh-add $HOME/private_key.rsa "\\ \\ run at login (e.g. via $HOME/.xinitrc or as a "Startup Application in Gnome/KDE"). You should get a popup asking for your passphrase.
===== Gnome =====
===== KDE =====
===== Mac OS X =====
===== Windows =====
You may have to change your openssh formatted private key to PuTTY's .ppk format via [[http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/download.html|PuTTYgen]]. \\ \\ $Id: agent.html,v 1.3 2011/09/11 13:31:10 jbaber Exp $