Dump of existing HTML tutorials into docuwiki format by the HTML::WikiConverter::DokuWiki Perl module. Useful for moving things from HTML tutes to the wiki at the SDF wiki. Convert script and source HTML also provided.
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====== [[| 1. To Do]] ======
How to make a web site on SDF. Probably mention the "mkhomepg" (or whatever it's called) command & give pointers to other articles about HTML & CGI.
Mention Tweak membership on SDF.
Mention some games.
Better discussion of membership levels on SDF. This is a toughie to do because this is mostly an introduction to unix, with only some SDF-specific goodies, not a full SDF policy document. Maybe it would be suitable to mention that any unix system might allow only certain users to run certain programs, & I could give brief details of SDF's membership levels. This was requested or suggested by at least two people on //bboard// / GENERAL, so it's not a frivolous request. Hmmm...
Discuss Zmodem (//rz//, //sz//).
Put it in gopher space.
Gene Michael Stover 2005-07-07