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====== Using CenterICQ on SDF ======
CenterICQ is not actively maintained anymore, CenterIM is a fork and is actively maintained. However CenterICQ is still functional.
===== CenterICQ & CenterIM =====
These same steps aply to connect to ICQ using CenterIM.
- Run //centericq// (or //centerim//) from the shell.
- The first time you will be greted with the configuration screen you can use your left arrow to select Done and press Enter
- With down arrow key move under icq protocol, select UIN and press Enter to provide your ICQ number.
- Fill in your password in the same way as the UIN.
- With left arrow key select Done and press Enter.
I tried to register a new ICQ account with CenterICQ without luck.
===== finch =====
* Press **ALT + a** and select **Accounts**.
* Select **Add** to open the **New Account** dialog box.
* Choose **ICQ** from the Protocol select box.
* Fill the **Username** field with your ICQ number, and **Password** fields.
* Using the **TAB** move to **Accept** and press **Enter** key.
After this, Finch will try to connect to ICQ network.
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