We were given a graphing calculator for Math 12, for some reason.
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We were given a graphing calculator. I don't know why.

In the context of Math 12, here's my ratings.

ARITHSER.83PArithmetic SeriesSlightly useful.
ARITHTRM.83PArithmetic TermSlightly useful.
CUBIC.83PCubic Polynomial - forget what it does (read: not useful).
DISTANCE.83PDistance - fairly useful.
DIVPOLYN.83PDivide Polynomials - slightly useful.
FACTOR.83PFactor Polynomials - very useful.
GEOSEQ.83PGeometric Sequences - slightly useful.
MIDPOINT.83PMidpoint - fairly useful.
PERCDIFF.83PPercentage Difference - fairly useful.
RECURSE.83PRecursive Series - slightly useful.
SEQNSERI.83PSequences and Series - slightly useful.
Solve a Triangle - very useful.
STDQUAD.83PStandard Form Quadratics - very useful.
Z3D.83PZ3d - useless 3d "graphics" engine.