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<p>Q: What are the positions for?<br>
A: I don't really know; whatever you want.</p>
<p>Q: How do I use the App?<br>
A: Select your position and click &quot;Add to Profile.&quot;</p>
<p>Q: That's stupid.<br>
A: How is that a question?</p>
<p>Q: My favourite position is not on the list. In fact, it's kind of
A: Message me and maybe I'll put it on eventually.</p>
<p>Q: Is that . . . a horse?<br>
A: I do not condone having sex with a horse where prohibited by law.</p>
<p>Q: Isn't this Adult Content that should be restricted?<br>
A: Whatever.</p>
<p>Q: Who is responsible for this atrocity?<br>
<a href = "">Neil</a>!
<p>Q: Aren't you worried that you'll burn in Hades for eternity?<br>
A: Not really.</p>
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