A Facebook application that was written 2008-09-27. Shorty after, they discontinued the feature which makes it work.
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<!-- Copyright 2008 Neil Edelman, distributed under the terms of the
GNU General Public License, see copying.txt -->
<h1>Removed Sex</h1>
require_once 'fb/facebook.php';
require 'sex.php';
$apikey = 'd35c4d090afad9b89dc6f50edab81b95';
$secret = '1252a1a9dadb492f70a278eebd31ef73';
$fb = new Facebook($apikey, $secret);
$user = $fb->require_login();
$old = SexExtract($fb->api_client->profile_getFBML($user));
SexChange($old, null);
<p>Erasing all trace.</p>