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.Dd 2016-02-12
.Os sbase
.Nm install
.Nd copy files and set attributes
.Op Fl g Ar group
.Op Fl o Ar owner
.Op Fl m Ar mode
.Fl d Ar dir ...
.Op Fl sD
.Fl t Ar dest
.Ar source ...
.Ar source ...
.Ar dest
.Ar source
.Ar dest .
If more than one
.Ar source
is given
.Ar dest
is treated as a directory. Otherwise
.Ar dest
is treated as a filename.
can also change the attributes of the copies.
.Bl -tag -width Ds
.It Fl d
Create the directories
.Ar dir .
.It Fl D
Create missing parent directories to
.Ar dest .
.Ar dest
is to be treated as a directory, it is created too if missing.
.It Fl g Ar group
Change the installed files' group to
.Ar group .
This may be a group name or a group identifier.
.It Fl m Ar mode
Change the file modes. Both numerical and symbolic
values are supported. See
.Xr chmod 1
for the syntex.
Default mode 0755. If a file has the mode 0644 and
is copied with
.It Fl o Ar owner
Change the installed files' owner to
.Ar owner .
This may be a user name or a user identifier.
.It Fl s
Remove unnecessary symbols using
.Xr strip 1 .
Failure to strip a file does not imply failure to install the file.
.It Fl t Ar dest
Copy files into the directory
.Ar dest .
.Nm install ,
the copy's mode will be 0755 unless
.Fl m
is used to select another mode. When the symbolic
notation is used, the base mode is 0000.
.Xr chmod 1 ,
.Xr chown 1 ,
.Xr cp 1 ,
.Xr mkdir 1 ,
.Xr strip 1
utility is not standardized. This implementation is a subset
of the GNU implementation and a subset with extensions to
the FreeBSD implementation.