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Michael Forney c225d88d49 getconf: Report invalid variables as errors
Printing `undefined` to stdout means that the variable is valid but not
set. Instead, report an error in this case.

linux 4.13 appends the result of `getconf LFS_CFLAGS` to HOSTCFLAGS,
even if it prints `undefined`. This is arguably a bug in the Makefile,
but even so, getconf shouldn't report that unsupported variables are
2017-09-03 17:23:28 -07:00
Hiltjo Posthuma 09c3caa56d getconf.1: fix: end list (El) 2015-10-10 01:18:24 +02:00
FRIGN e51a2e6d2f Use ISO-date-format in manpages
The one specified by mdoc is hard to read for non-native
speakers from countries which read the date day-first (like
Germany, Greece, North-Korea, Swamp,...).
This is also consistent with how we generally specify dates
2015-10-08 17:15:08 +02:00
FRIGN 05996b997c Add getconf(1)
The logic is simple, it's just a pain in the ass to fill the
Some lines had to be commented out, as glibc/musl apparently
have not fully implemented the mandatory variables for the
2013 corrigendum of POSIX 2008.

Also added a manpage and the necessary entries in README.

I also removed it from the TODO.
2015-10-01 17:17:23 +01:00