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2022-02-08 Mid Favila <>
* Set version to 3.0.2.
* Revert to Makefile build system.
* Remove e-mail handling capabilities.
2013-03-24 Thomas Cort <>
* Version 3.0.1 released.
* Security Fix: be more careful with the handling of .serc files. Now the
euid of se must match the owner of the file and the file must not be
writable by any other users in order for se to execute it. Thank you
to Matthias Kilian of the OpenBSD project for alerting me to this issue.
2013-03-06 Thomas Cort <>
* Version 3.0 released.
* Convert the build system to automake/autoconf.
* Modernize the K&R style function prototypes. Resolve compiler warnings.
* Use safer versions of string functions (snprintf, strncpy, etc).
* Rename some functions to avoid naming conflicts (delete, index, etc).
* Port to Linux, BSD, GNU, Haiku, Minix, OpenSolaris, and others.
* Add support for termios, make termio the fallback.
* Remove hardcoded paths, get them from autoconf now.
* Use syslog for optional usage logging instead of a file in /usr/tmp.
* Add a sample .serc file.