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Style "ShelfPager" NoTitle, !Handles, !Borders, Sticky, WindowListSkip, \
CirculateSkip, StaysOnBottom, FixedPosition, FixedSize, !Iconifiable
DestroyModuleConfig ShelfPager
*ShelfPager: Geometry 100+100
*ShelfPager: Font "$[infostore.ui_font_bold]"
*ShelfPager: Rows 1
*ShelfPager: Columns 1
*ShelfPager: HilightColorset * 3
*ShelfPager: Back rgb:BE/BE/BE
*ShelfPager: WindowColors rgb:A5/A5/A5 rgb:A5/A5/A5 rgb:9B/A9/C9 rgb:9B/A9/C9
*ShelfPager: SolidSeparators