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2 years ago
# Define the taskbar.
DestroyModuleConfig TaskBar
Style "TaskBar" NoTitle, !Handles, !Borders, Sticky, WindowListSkip, \
CirculateSkip, StaysOnBottom, FixedPosition, FixedSize, \
!Iconifiable, NeverFocus
*TaskBarButtons: Font "xft:Cozette:Medium:Roman:size=8"
PipeRead 'echo "*TaskBar: Geometry $(($[vp.width]-136))x32-136@g)"'
*TaskBar: Columns $[vp.width]
*TaskBar: Rows 32
*TaskBar: Frame 0
*TaskBar: Colorset 9
# Swallow the buttonbar.
*TaskBar: (Size $[vp.width]x28, Swallow TaskBarButtons 'Module FvwmIconMan TaskBarButtons')'"
# Define the buttonbar.
DestroyModuleConfig TaskBarButtons
*TaskBarButtons: UseWinList true
*TaskBarButtons: Resolution page
*TaskBarButtons: Tips needed
*TaskBarButtons: ButtonGeometry 125x26
*TaskBarButtons: MaxButtonWidth $[vp.width]
*TaskBarButtons: ManagerGeometry 1x1+100+0@g
*TaskBarButtons: DrawIcons always
*TaskBarButtons: ReliefThickness 2
*TaskBarButtons: IconButton down
*TaskBarButtons: IconAndSelectButton down
*TaskBarButtons: SelectButton up
*TaskBarButtons: FocusAndSelectButton up
2 years ago
*TaskBarButtons: Colorset 16
*TaskBarButtons: FocusAndSelectColorset 17
*TaskBarButtons: IconAndSelectColorset 18
2 years ago
*TaskBarButtons: Shape true
# Button actions.
*TaskBarButtons: Action Mouse 1 A sendcommand Iconify
*TaskBarButtons: Action Mouse 3 A sendcommand "Menu WindowOps Mouse 0 o100"
# Button logic.
*TaskBarButtons: Sort id
# Provide a simple bevel effect.
*TaskBar: (Size $[vp.width]x4, Frame 2)