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2022-08-26 01:24:09 +00:00
Change Log
All notable changes to the project are documented in this file.
[1.17.1][] - 2022-08-25
### Changes
- Revert to Make.
[1.17.1][] - 2020-02-23
### Fixes
- Fix #38: Fix for multiline representing as one line
- Fix packaging, missing files in libeditline1, regression from 1.16.0
- Fix packaging, update to latest std version
- Fix formatting of function names in man page
- Restore tar.gz distribution, for usability on systems that do not
have xz in their default install
[1.17.0][] - 2020-01-05
### Changes
- Simple multi-line support by Dima Volynets, @dvolynets
### Fixes
- Fix return value from `read_history()` and `write_history()`, could
return `errno` instead of `EOF` to indicate error. Now both functions
have uniform return values on error
- Handle internal `realloc()` errors better. Now memory is not leaked
if `realloc()` fails
- Fix possible NULL pointer dereference in key binding lookup function
[1.16.1][] - 2019-06-07
### Changes
- Major updates to the `editline.3` man page
- Cleanup of examples `cli.c` and `fileman.c`
- Add example of hidden input prompt to `cli.c`
### Fixes
- Fix #20: `configure --disable-eof` does not bite
- Fix #23: Make Ctrl-L clear the screan instead of starting a new line
Like Ctrl-D, which exits, Ctrl-L only clears the screen when the line
is empty and the cursor is at the start of the line, otherwise Ctrl-L
will redraw/refresh the current line.
- Fix #24: Fix behavior when TTY is narrower than column width, by Will Dietz
- Fix #25: Avoid continuously duplicate commands in history
- Fix #31: Aborting i-search with Ctrl-C should not generate signal
[1.16.0][] - 2018-09-16
Event loop callback support.
### Changes
- `rl_unintialize()`, new function to free all memory, by Claus Fischer
- `rl_insert_text()`, new GNU Readline compat function
- `rl_refresh_line()`, new GNU Readline compat function
- `rl_callback_*()`, alternate interface to plain `readline()` for event
loops. Modeled after the GNU Readline API
- `rl_completion_entry_function`, and `rl_attempted_completion_function`
are two new GNU Readline compat user hooks for the completion framework
- `rl_completion_matches()` and `rl_filename_completion_function()`
are two new GNU Readline compat functions
- Add new example: `fileman.c` from GNU Readline to demonstrate the
level of compatibility of the revamped completion framework
- Add support for Ctrl-Right and Ctrl-Left, forward/backward word
- Add .deb package to official release target
### Fixes
- Fixed header guards, avoid using leading `__`
- Spell check fixes
- Remove duplicate code in history check
- Use `NULL` instead of `0`, and `-1` instead of `NULL`, where applicable
- Misc. minor Coverity Scan fixes
- Misc. minor fixes to `testit.c` example code
- Add `-Wextra` to std `CFLAGS`
- Check `fclose()` return value in in `write_history()` and `read_history()`
- Initialize global variables and reset to `NULL` on `free()`
- Fix off-by-one in forward kill word, avoid deleting too much
- Skip (or kill) leading whitespace when skipping (or killing) forwards
[1.15.3][] - 2017-09-07
Bug fix release.
### Changes
- Refactor all enable/disable configure options, same problem as in #7
### Fixes
- Fix #7: `--enable-termcap` configure option does not work. The script
enabled termcap by default rather than the other way around.
Also, check for terminfo as well, when `--enable-termcap` is selected.
[1.15.2][] - 2016-06-06
Bug fixes and minor feature creep in `pkg-config` support.
### Changes
- Prevent mangling of symbols when linking with C++. Patch courtesy of
Jakub Pawlowski
- Add `libeditline.pc` for `pkg-config`
### Fixes
- Do not assume a termcap library exists, check for `tgetent()` in
curses, ncurses, tinfo and termcap libraries
- Call `tty_flush()` when user calls `rl_forced_update_display()`
to prevent screen becoming garbled. Patch by Jakub Pawlowski
[1.15.1][] - 2015-11-16
Bug fixes only.
### Changes
- Update README with origin of this version of editline
### Fixes
- Fix build system, don't force automake v1.11, require at least v1.11
- Fix build problem with examples using `--enable-termcap`
[1.15.0][] - 2015-09-10
### Changes
- Add support for `--disable-eof` and `--disable-sigint` to disable
default Ctrl-D and Ctrl-C behavior
- Add support for `el_no_hist` to disable access to and auto-save of history
- GNU readline compat functions for prompt handling and redisplay
- Refactor: replace variables named 'new' with non-reserved word
- Add support for [Travis-CI][], continuous integration with GitHub
- Add support for [Coverity Scan][], the best static code analyzer,
integrated with [Travis-CI][] -- scan runs for each push to master
- Rename NEWS.md --> ChangeLog.md, with symlinks for <kbd>make install</kbd>
- Attempt to align with http://keepachangelog.com/ for this file
- Cleanup and improve Markdown syntax in [README.md][]
- Add API and example to [README.md][], inspired by [libuEv][]
- Removed generated files from version control. Use `./autogen.sh`
to generate the `configure` script when working from GIT. This
does not affect distributed tarballs
### Fixes
- Fix issue #2, regression in Ctrl-D (EOF) behavior. Regression
introduced in [1.14.1][]. Fixed by @TobyGoodwin
- Fix memory leak in completion handler. Found by [Coverity Scan][].
- Fix suspicious use of `sizeof(char **)`, same as `sizeof(char *)` but
non-portable. Found by [Coverity Scan][]
- Fix out-of-bounds access in user key binding routines
Found by [Coverity Scan][].
- Fix invisible example code in man page
[1.14.2][] - 2014-09-14
Bug fixes only.
### Fixes
- Fix `el_no_echo` bug causing secrets to leak when disabling no-echo
- Handle `EINTR` in syscalls better
[1.14.1][] - 2014-09-14
Minor fixes and additions.
### Changes
- Don't print status message on `stderr` in key binding funcions
- Export `el_del_char()`
- Check for and return pending signals when detected
- Allow custom key bindings ...
### Fixes
- Bug fixes ...
[1.14.0][] - 2010-08-10
Major cleanups and further merges with Debian editline package.
### Changes
- Merge in changes to `debian/` from `editline_1.12-6.debian.tar.gz`
- Migrate to use libtool
- Make `UNIQUE_HISTORY` configurable
- Make scrollback history (`HIST_SIZE`) configurable
- Configure options for toggling terminal bell and `SIGSTOP` (Ctrl-Z)
- Configure option for using termcap to read/control terminal size
- Rename Signal to `el_intr_pending`, from Festival speech-tools
- Merge support for capitalizing words (`M-c`) from Festival
speech-tools by Alan W Black <mailto:awb()cstr!ed!ac!uk>
- Fallback backspace handling, in case `tgetstr("le")` fails
### Fixes
- Cleanups and fixes thanks to the Sparse static code analysis tool
- Merge `el_no_echo` patch from Festival speech-tools
- Merge fixes from Heimdal project
- Completely refactor `rl_complete()` and `rl_list_possib()` with
fixes from the Heimdal project. Use `rl_set_complete_func()` and
`rl_set_list_possib_func()`. Default completion callbacks are now
available as a configure option `--enable-default-complete`
- Memory leak fixes
- Actually fix 8-bit handling by reverting old Debian patch
- Merge patch to improve compatibility with GNU readline, thanks to
Steve Tell from way back in 1997 and 1998
[1.13.0][] - 2010-03-09
Adaptations to Debian editline package.
### Changes
- Major version number bump, adapt to Jim Studt's v1.12
- Import `debian/` directory and adapt it to configure et al.
- Change library name to libeditline to distinguish it from BSD libedit
[0.3.0][] - 2009-02-08
### Changes
- Support for ANSI arrow keys using <kbd>configure --enable-arrow-keys</kbd>
[0.2.3][] - 2008-12-02
### Changes
- Patches from Debian package merged
- Support for custom command completion
[0.1.0][] - 2008-06-07
### Changes
- First version, forked from Minix current 2008-06-06
[UNRELEASED]: https://github.com/troglobit/finit/compare/1.17.1...HEAD
[1.17.1]: https://github.com/troglobit/finit/compare/1.17.0...1.17.1
[1.17.0]: https://github.com/troglobit/finit/compare/1.16.1...1.17.0
[1.16.1]: https://github.com/troglobit/finit/compare/1.16.0...1.16.1
[1.16.0]: https://github.com/troglobit/finit/compare/1.15.3...1.16.0
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[1.15.1]: https://github.com/troglobit/finit/compare/1.15.0...1.15.1
[1.15.0]: https://github.com/troglobit/finit/compare/1.14.2...1.15.0
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[1.14.1]: https://github.com/troglobit/finit/compare/1.14.0...1.14.1
[1.14.0]: https://github.com/troglobit/finit/compare/1.13.0...1.14.0
[1.13.0]: https://github.com/troglobit/finit/compare/0.3.0...1.13.0
[0.3.0]: https://github.com/troglobit/finit/compare/0.2.3...0.3.0
[0.2.3]: https://github.com/troglobit/finit/compare/0.1.0...0.2.3
[0.1.0]: https://github.com/troglobit/finit/compare/0.0.0...0.1.0
[libuEv]: http://github.com/troglobit/libuev
[Travis-CI]: https://travis-ci.org/troglobit/uftpd
[Coverity Scan]: https://scan.coverity.com/projects/2947
[README.md]: https://github.com/troglobit/editline/blob/master/README.md