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2021-01-08T11:43:44-05:00 Hello! I'm experimenting with twtxt as a complement to Mastodon and other services. Watch this space.
2021-01-08T11:46:27-05:00 Oops, that wasn't quite right. Let's try that again.
2021-01-08T21:23:19-05:00 Experimenting with Gemini tonight. Check out gemini:// for the first draft!
2021-01-11T12:25:29-05:00 UNIX - the operating system that refused to die:
2021-01-11T20:05:38-05:00 Episode 2: Our Own Correspondent
2021-01-17T19:48:57-05:00 Moose Hour is cancelled for this week, but I will be back next week, same Moose-time, same Moose-station (
2021-01-23T09:58:13-05:00 My Home VPS Test Lab:
2021-01-25T20:04:51-05:00 Episode 3: "New Day Rising":
2021-02-01T23:30:03-05:00 Episode 4: "THINK":
2021-02-07T18:17:16-05:00 This feed has been discontinued. Thanks for reading! You can follow me on Mastodon at