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// Package proxy contains all proxies used by V2Ray.
// To implement an inbound or outbound proxy, one needs to do the following:
// 1. Implement the interface(s) below.
// 2. Register a config creator through common.RegisterConfig.
package proxy
import (
// A timeout for reading the first payload from the client, used in 0-RTT optimizations.
const FirstPayloadTimeout = 100 * time.Millisecond
// An Inbound processes inbound connections.
type Inbound interface {
// Network returns a list of networks that this inbound supports. Connections with not-supported networks will not be passed into Process().
Network() []net.Network
// Process processes a connection of given network. If necessary, the Inbound can dispatch the connection to an Outbound.
Process(context.Context, net.Network, internet.Connection, routing.Dispatcher) error
// An Outbound process outbound connections.
type Outbound interface {
// Process processes the given connection. The given dialer may be used to dial a system outbound connection.
Process(context.Context, *transport.Link, internet.Dialer) error
// UserManager is the interface for Inbounds and Outbounds that can manage their users.
type UserManager interface {
// AddUser adds a new user.
AddUser(context.Context, *protocol.MemoryUser) error
// RemoveUser removes a user by email.
RemoveUser(context.Context, string) error
type GetInbound interface {
GetInbound() Inbound
type GetOutbound interface {
GetOutbound() Outbound