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@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ websites to avoid.
Unlike other tech giant adversaries to the CFT cause such as GAFAM
(Google Amazon Facebook Apple Microsoft), Cloudflare operates
surreptitiously and largely unknown to the general public, despite
having access to ~20-30% of the world's web traffic. Their existence
having access to ~20-30+% of the world's web traffic and 80%+ of CDN market. Their existence
is so much in the shadows that privacy orgs like EFF are largely
oblivious to the threat of it. Mainstream privacy orgs not only
neglect to protect web users from Cloudflare, but some of them
@ -202,3 +202,8 @@ This is weasel wording, as directly accusing CFT of attacking or
threatening Cloudflare supporters would constitute libel on the part
of Codeberg. So they try to imply it. These claims can only be
ignored in the absence of evidence.
> as well as Cloudflare employee data, that are considered as private information
CloudFlare itself is [listing]( their employees since day 1.