Breaks down a deny list into individual IPs, makes sure that none of those IPs are part of the scope file. Additionally it can add all the deny IPs to iptables to deny outbound traffic, you specify a rule-set name (it's really a comment on iptables) and you can also later remove those rules when you're done. 🧹

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Experimental artificial intelligence

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Notebooks and auxiliary files for the molecular mechanics / dynamics part of the 'Computer in der Biologischen Chemie' course as taught by S. Boresch

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Funky: fork of the Garth theme, with a few extra features.

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When you go buying gemstone jewelry then many times it comes out to be a bit heavy on your wallet. Particularly on this thing, you need to plan in advance

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Please look at

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The Classic Super Star Trek Game (with minor additions by Tom Almy)

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Journal of a part-time technologist

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