Experimental polybius square encryption

Updated 2022-11-13 19:26:50 +00:00

propeller1 loader (plus -q option)

Updated 2022-11-06 06:46:37 +00:00

SpinSim with some of Wuerfel21's changes.

Updated 2022-11-06 06:31:36 +00:00

The Classic Super Star Trek Game (with minor additions by Tom Almy)

Updated 2022-10-11 05:21:28 +00:00

Mid's Extended Utilities is a collection of various tool programs written in the spirit of the portable and unportable utilities, but that have no specification governing them.

Updated 2022-09-13 22:37:52 +00:00

µEMACS (ue) on Cygwin/Linux/NetBSD, based on uEmacs/PK (em) from kernel.org.

Updated 2022-09-04 08:08:37 +00:00

Updated 2022-09-03 15:03:34 +00:00

Mirror of TinyX. Will be rewriting build system and attempting to add XRandR at the very least.

Updated 2022-08-26 04:51:39 +00:00

Minimal screen editor. A fork of the classic se (https://se-editor.org/) that strips out unnecessary features, replaces obsolete libraries with modern equivalents, and attempts to make editing a little more intuitive.

Updated 2022-08-26 04:21:06 +00:00

A mirror of editline, modified to use plain Make.

Updated 2022-08-26 01:27:48 +00:00

Mirror of https://github.com/GataOS/musl-tcc.

Updated 2022-08-24 15:43:35 +00:00

Nebula is an IRC client originally written by Riccardo Mottola. This is my fork of it; goals are to eliminate any implementation-specific code, add TLS support, and generally add a layer of polish.

Updated 2022-08-22 03:21:25 +00:00

twm chopped up to suit my preferences. You probably don't want to use this.

Updated 2022-08-14 17:29:36 +00:00

Star Traders is a simple text-based game of interstellar trading, where the objective is to create companies, buy and sell shares, borrow and repay money, in order to become the wealthiest player (the winner).

Updated 2022-08-06 22:29:40 +00:00

`config.h' files from the suckless apps I use, some color schemes, etc.

Updated 2022-05-28 08:01:07 +00:00


Updated 2022-05-10 14:09:52 +00:00

Updated 2022-03-20 16:12:21 +00:00

Mirror of Suckless' ubase (git://git.suckless.org/ubase)

Updated 2022-02-11 15:56:36 +00:00

Mirror of Suckless' sbase (git://git.suckless.org/sbase)

Updated 2022-02-11 15:52:04 +00:00

One True AWK (https://github.com/onetrueawk/awk) mirror.

Updated 2022-02-11 15:45:00 +00:00