Minimal multiprotocol TCP/IP client.

Updated 2 months ago

Smaller, "purer" personal KISS repo.

Updated 2 months ago

Xaw-based IRC client. You need E. Falk's Frame, FileSelect, Tabs, and Gridbox widgets to build this. If you're a KISS user, install the libXawPlus package from kiss-mfavila-small and link against it. Otherwise it's a trivial source edit.

Updated 2 months ago

GNU Emacs experiments

Updated 1 month ago

Shell tests

Updated 1 month ago

Updated 1 month ago

Updated 2 weeks ago

Personal patches

Updated 3 days ago

Public git conversion mirror of OpenBSD's official cvs ports repository. Pull requests not accepted - send diffs to the ports@ mailing list.

Updated 2 days ago

Hammurabi ancient Sumerian city-state resource managment game Plan 9 implementation

Updated 3 years ago

A mirror of the OpenDiablo2 project

Updated 1 year ago

Fanfic: Gideon the Ninth Roman Gladiator AU / Hyborea/ Conan Exiles (video game).

Updated 2 years ago

Updated 8 hours ago

sdf side of my multi-domain website, contains my blog.

Updated 3 months ago

Miscellaneous UNIX utilities.

Updated 4 months ago

Godot/Ink VN Environment

Updated 4 weeks ago

Source code for Vampire: The Masquerade Revised

Updated 3 months ago