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A small python CLI telegram client. Please note that this application was a "test" and is not intended to be used other than for testing purpose.

The app only retrieve message recived while active and keep them in logs files (./logs/).

Installation (1.6.6)

The script will look for the telegram library at "./". You may either download it from my website ( (1.6.6, 64bit Fedora Machine)) or build it by folowing those instructions:

API Keys

I do not provide API credentials; you must provide your own.

To get one, create a Telegram App via and then fill "iApiID" (line 14) with your "App api_id" and "sApiHash" (Line 15) with "App api_hash:".


While no user is logged in, the app is in "Authentification mode". Once logged in, you get into an interactive console with those commands:


exit the application without loging out.


Actualise Chats List.


Update Personnals informartions


List Available chat room(s)


List Known users of this instance.


Join (set active) a chat room by it's index. Use "listChatRoom" to get rooms indexes.


Send a message into the active room.


Logout then quit the app.