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Installation with Helm (on Kubernetes)

Gitea provides a Helm Chart to allow for installation on kubernetes.

A non-customized install can be done with:

helm repo add gitea-charts https://dl.gitea.com/charts/
helm install gitea gitea-charts/gitea

If you would like to customize your install, which includes kubernetes ingress, please refer to the complete Gitea helm chart configuration details

Health check endpoint

Gitea comes with a health check endpoint /api/healthz, you can configure it in kubernetes like this:

      path: /api/healthz
      port: http
    initialDelaySeconds: 200
    timeoutSeconds: 5
    periodSeconds: 10
    successThreshold: 1
    failureThreshold: 10

a successful health check response will respond with http code 200, here's example:

HTTP/1.1 200 OK

  "status": "pass",
  "description": "Gitea: Git with a cup of tea",
  "checks": {
    "cache:ping": [
        "status": "pass",
        "time": "2022-02-19T09:16:08Z"
    "database:ping": [
        "status": "pass",
        "time": "2022-02-19T09:16:08Z"

for more information, please reference to kubernetes documentation Define a liveness HTTP request