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# Behaviorbot config. See for more information.
# Note: Please Don't edit this file directly.
# Edit instead.
# Configuration for update-docs -
updateDocsComment: "Thanks for the pull request! If you are making any changes to the user-facing functionality, please be sure to update the documentation in the `README` or `docs/` folder alongside your change. :heart:"
# Configuration for request-info -
requestInfoReplyComment: Thanks for this. Do you mind providing a bit more information about what problem you're trying to solve?
requestInfoLabelToAdd: more-information-needed
# Configuration for new-issue-welcome -
#newIssueWelcomeComment: >
# Welcome!
# Configuration for new-pr-welcome -
newPRWelcomeComment: Welcome! Congrats on your first pull request to the Hacker theme. If you haven't already, please be sure to check out [the contributing guidelines](
# Configuration for first-pr-merge -
firstPRMergeComment: "Congrats on getting your first pull request to the Hacker theme merged! Without amazing humans like you submitting pull requests, we couldnt run this project. You rock! :tada:<br /><br />If you're interested in tackling another bug or feature, take a look at [the open issues](, especially those [labeled `help wanted`]("